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Organic Coconut Chutney
Organic Coconut Chutney

Organic Coconut Chutney

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Coconut Chutney is a popular and favorite accompaniment to go with many South Indian dishes like dosa, idli, vada and pongal. It pairs really well with our Kitchari and can also be used as a side for vegetables, rice dishes, tacos, etc.

Ingredients: Dried Coconut*, Dalia Dal*, Black Gram*, Rock Salt, Dried Curry Leaf*, Brown Mustard Seed*, Dried Red Chili*, Dried Cilantro*, Rice Flour*, Asafoetida*, Turmeric*  *ORGANIC

Directions: Mix two tablespoons of Coconut Chutney Mix with two tablespoons of water. Optional - add two drops of non-toasted sesame oil. Stir well and enjoy.

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