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Indian Magic Mix Sampler Pack (FREE)
Indian Magic Mix Sampler Pack (FREE)

Indian Magic Mix Sampler Pack (FREE)

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Get your free sampler pack and try Indian Magic Mix with one of our handpicked recipes.

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Note: Sampler packs are limited to 2 per customer.

Why we created Indian Magic Mix

Indian cooking can be quite intimidating to many. Being Indian and and a cook, I personally found it challenging to cook authentic Indian taste using the curry powders and garam masalas available at Indian groceries. Here is why…

Curry powders and garam masalas are only a blend of Complementing spices which is half the equation. To get the authentic Indian taste, one needs to balance these Complementing spices with corresponding Base Tasting spices in a dish. It is quite a juggle…but not any more! Indian Magic Mix turns this complex art of Indian cooking into a simple science. It is magical!

We have cracked the code to authentic Indian cooking

You can now cook delicious Indian food at home that is tastier and healthier than your favorite restaurant with Indian Magic Mix. Guaranteed.

With Indian Magic Mix, cooking an authentic tasting Indian meal will take less than 25 minutes! No more juggling with 20 different spices. 1.5 teaspoon of Indian Magic Mix is all you need.

Perfect harmony of all six tastes and complementing spices

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