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10 Meal Kitchari Kit
Inside 10 Meal Kitchari Kit
2 Meal Kitchari Kit
Inside 2 Meal Kitchari Kit
North Indian Kitchari

Organic Kitchari Kits - 2 and 10 Meal

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Kitchari is an Ayurvedic recipe for a balanced, nourishing meal. Due to its healing properties, Kitchari diet has been traditionally prescribed as an effective way to heal and restore the digestive system. It can also be eaten as a delicious tridoshic meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This authentic and complete Kitchari Kit comes with organic basmati rice, organic yellow moong dal, North and South Indian custom spice mixes and coconut chutney to enjoy on the side with your Kitchari.

We offer two Kitchari Kit options:

2 Meal Kit
- 1 North Indian Spice Mix and 1 South Indian Spice Mix
- 2 packs of organic basmati rice and yellow moong dal
- 2 serving Coconut Chutney pack

10 Meal Kit
- 5 North Indian Spice Mix and 5 South Indian Spice Mix
- 10 packs of organic basmati rice and yellow moong dal
- 10 serving Coconut Chutney pack

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