The best advice we got that changed everything for us.

Hello, Hola, Ni Hao, Namaste

Oh boy 2020… what a year!
When Covid happened we were all deeply affected. For us, our major source of income (Farmers’ Markets, event vending and catering) got completely shut down. Though our long term focus was meal kits and mixes, it was not making enough to pay the bills.

Tough choices
With no income and paltry savings, the thought of shutting down and going for a job crossed the mind many times. Live frugally and stretch the unemployment money and savings until finding a job. It was painful to even think of letting go  what we are so passionate about and worked so hard for the last 3 years.

The best advice we got
We reached out to our spiritual teacher on what we should do. He said, “Your customers love what you do, look at all the raving 5-Star reviews and loving emails.” He said, “Listen to your customers.” But, when we explained it is not paying the bills, he gave this advice that we want to share with you…

“The tree never worries how it will pollinate if the bird and bees do come to it… It stands in one place and uses the sunlight and water to get ready with fruits and flowers. When it is ready, the bees and birds find their way to the tree and pollination happens naturally. This is the law of the universe”

He said, “listen to your customers, use what you have and get ready like a tree.”

The transformation
That changed everything for us. We did a full 180 turn. Instead of being frugal and fearful, we went all in. Miracles started to happen immediately. Orders started to come in and now we have moved from a shared kitchen to our own production unit. We have now added 4 new team members and are now headquartered in the hip Design District in Miami, FL.

All this would not have been possible without your love, trust, and blessings. So, thanks a million!

If you are visiting Miami, drop us a note and stop by. We would like to connect again. We are all masked up and sanitized.

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