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Complete Indian Meal Kit
Complete Indian Meal Kit

Complete Indian Meal Kit

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Complete Indian Meal Kit makes it easy and fun to cook delicious, healthy meals. All ingredients are organic and gluten free.

Kit Includes:

Kitchari - 4 meals
The kit has 4 packs of organic basmati rice  & yellow moong dal and 4 Kitchari Spice Mix packs.

Poha - 2 meals
Poha is an Ayurvedic recipe of flattened rice. The pack comes with 2 servings of Poha and 2 seasoning packs.

Golden Mix Seasoning - 15 servings
A must have in every kitchen. Golden Mix is the secret base for many Indian recipes. You can make soups, stews and curries or just marinade and roast vegetables with this mix. Add a tablespoon to pretty much anything you cook and Golden Mix will make it delicious.

Coconut Chutney - 10 servings
Coconut Chutney is a popular and favorite accompaniment to go with many South Indian dishes like dosa, idli, vada and pongal. It pairs really well with our Kitchari and can also be used as a side for vegetables, rice dishes, tacos, etc.

Sambar (Red Lentil Soup) - 5 servings
Sambar is a red lentil soup that originates from southern India. The soup is very delicious and can be enjoyed in itself. In South India, it is often paired with rice, Kitchari, idlis (rice cakes), dosas (rice crepes), etc.

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