Beyond Sambar - South Indian Lentil Soup

Beyond Sambar - South Indian Lentil Soup

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Sambar is an iconic lentil soup heavily featured in South Indian cuisine. As a unique dish, it requires all six Ayurvedic tastes (Sweet, Salt, Sour, Pungent, Astringent and Bitter) to be perfectly balanced. Known as a complement to idli, vada, dosa and rice, Sambar can be paired with various meals.

What is special about this Sambar powder:
Most store-bought Sambar powders require multiple spices (Lentil, Tamarind, Jaggery, Mustard, Coconut, Curry Leaf) to be added in order to achieve the traditional flavor. Thankfully, we have gone to great lengths to create an authentic Sambar mix with all the ingredients. Enjoy perfectly flavored Sambar with minimal effort. Say goodbye to tedious spice measuring and grinding!

Download Free Indian Cook book for step-by-step recipe instruction and pairings.


Split Red Lentil*, Bengal Gram*, Black Gram*, Dried Coconut*, Himalayan Rock Salt, Coriander*, Brown Mustard Seed*, Turmeric*, Jaggery*, Tamarind, Cumin*, Dried Curry Leaf, Dried Red Chili*, Fenugreek*, Black Peppercorn*, Asafoetida, Rice Flour* *ORGANIC INGREDIENTS
Contains Coconut

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