Why Cooking Delicious Indian Cuisine is a Challenge

Traditional spice blends like garam masala and curry powders don’t include the six fundamental taste spices. These blends are crafted for seasoned Indian cooks (mothers and chefs) who know, through practice, how much of each fundamental taste to add based on the complementing spices in the blend during cooking. This makes garam masalas and curry powders only half the solution, leaving many aspiring Indian cooks struggling to recreate authentic Indian dishes. Indian cuisine is now popular in many non-Indian homes worldwide, but the traditional blends have not evolved to cater to these newer fans of Indian cuisine.

The concept behind all Inner Flame blends is to combine traditional complementing spices, in perfect harmony, with the fundamental taste spices. The result is a complete blend—no juggling or balancing at the time of cooking. Our blends, along with the FREE cookbook, make everyone a good Indian cook. Guaranteed.

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